Malta is set to host the European Capital of Culture for the very first time in 2018, with the capital city of Valletta taking centre stage. This programme will consist of several interesting events and projects that have been conceived through close partnerships between various local and international entities.


The central theme that underpins the entire programme is that of an ‘Island-Wide Festa’, which is being described as an in-depth examination of contemporary life in the Maltese Islands, drawing inspiration from home while keeping our neighbours across the sea in our minds. Valletta 2018 will begin with the Opening Week in mid-January 2018, which is expected to attract thousands of revellers to Valletta to join in an eclectic mix of music, street performers, exhibitions, installations, and community participation.

As a whole, the Valletta 2018 programme will consist of over 400 events and 140 diverse projects, which will be distributed throughout the entire year and across all the localities of Malta and Gozo. Audiences will be treated to a host of activities that will include anything from performance to film, music, visual arts, design, community projects, literature, and even projects targeting children and young people.

Here at U Collection, we are very pleased to be one of the few Hospitality Partners of the Valletta 2018 Foundation for this unique celebration. Through this partnership, we will be hosting a number of delegates and artists representing Valletta 2018, ensuring that we provide them with an exclusive experience to make their stay in Valletta a memorable one. We are also committed to assisting the Foundation in providing all of our guests with the necessary information about the different events in the cutlural programme.

We are proud to be ambassadors for this European Capital of Culture, and we are equally excited to be located at the centre of the festivities that will take over Valletta during 2018.

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